Till 3 – Why a Separate App?

In order to support further development of Till, I have decided to transfer this app to my company, Palekilomiei Studios L.L.C., which will publish version 3 and all future versions.

With this move Till will remain an ad supported app, but starting with version 3.0, it will include an option to disable ads via an in-app purchase.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to transfer an app to another developer account. As a result, Till 3 is a separate app that needs to be downloaded from the App Store.

What About My Favorites?

When you tap on the “Tap to Export Favorites” button on the Settings screen in the old Till, your favorites are copied to a special pasteboard. Opening the new Till shortly afterwards will automatically add your favorite events and calendars to the new version of the app.

Once that is done, you can delete the old Till from your device.

How Do I Get the New Till?

You can tap on the badge below to open the app store and download Till 3.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Till in spite of this inconvenience!!!